Seeds make pretty pictures sometimes. I added a texture using Adobe Photoshop.





The last of the Autumn leaves

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower – Albert Camus

This week, I thought I would get a final few snaps of the pretty colours still on the trees before the wind, rain and frost took their toll on the trees. The lovely yellows and oranges (which are masked by the green chlorophyll colour in the growing season) are now revealed as the chlorophyll breaks down.

Some trees, like maples, make new pigments as the chlorophyll breaks down, giving rise to different shades of red and purple. The red colours together with the pre-existing yellow and orange, give rise to spectacular displays of colour.


Late October Flowers

As snow showers fell in parts of the UK this week and the clocks went back, I decided to visit one of my favourite gardens. Luckily, the weather was bright sunshine – but there was a definite chill in the air.

It was also quite windy, which made taking macros more challenging. So I used my manual settings, increasing the ISO and adjusting the shutter speed. Although the result is not such a crisp image you can get when there is no wind, it was better than returning with lots of blurred pictures.


Season of mist

Clear skies and cool mornings, mist shrouding the landscape. Stillness and quiet. The equinox is almost here. As the days grow shorter, sometimes they give rise to spectacular Jovian-like sunsets. Hues of oxblood, pinks and orange. What’s not to like about Autumn?



Last of the Summer flowers

I had high hopes this year of taking lots of lovely flower pictures over the Summer, but then England had the hottest Summer on record which decimated many flower gardens. Ironically, the hedgerows were in better shape than many of the planted gardens. These are a just a few pictures I took a few weeks after the heatwave ended.

Thankfully, many of the gardens have now recovered and the grass has turned from the colour of straw back to lush green. However, Autumn has set in and although the chance has passed to capture those lovely Summer flowers, it brings with it new opportunities.