A country lane

Cobweb in the sunlight.

Seed head blowing in the wind.


4 thoughts on “A country lane

    1. Thank you blhphotoblog. Yes, you’re right, the camera doesn’t always catch what the eye sees and it comes out rather flat looking.
      Sometimes I have an image in my head as to how I want a picture to look and the photo then becomes the skeleton to build upon. But many people don’t like the over-processed look.
      Other times it’s great when you don’t have to adjust the RAW file because all the colours appear on the histogram perfectly and you can just save it as a JPEG! But they don’t always do that, it’s really rare!

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  1. Beautiful photos, my friend! As to your question regarding post-processing images, it is my opinion that some minor enhancements are in order to enhance your individual impression of the scenery thus giving it a personal touch.

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