High Summer

Another heatwave and 6 days of high temperatures and an opportunity to capture an unnatural evening glow in the still heat.

Sweltering Summer days are sometimes referred to as the ‘dog days of Summer.’ This comes from the Roman phrase ‘dies caniculares.’ It was noted by the Romans, that the star Sirius (also called the Dog Star) began to rise in the sky before the sun towards the end of July. The star was so bright that they believed it gave extra heat to the sun and was responsible for the hot days of Summer.

The rising hot air and moisture provide perfect conditions for thunder and lightning. At 30,000 degrees celsius, lightning is five times hotter than the surface of the sun.

A single thundercloud is more powerful than any nuclear power plant on earth. It has been calculated at approximately 1 billion volts.

Isn’t nature amazing?


7 thoughts on “High Summer

  1. Being a fan of the Latin language, I not only enjoyed your fascinating photos but also the etymological explanation of the dog days, which we are also having right now with 34 degrees C in the forecast.


  2. You are brave to head out in the heat wave, here in Shanghai it is hot and super humid, just stepping outside I get drenched in sweat. I force myself to head out early morning or late afternoon but tend to stay inside reading on these super hot day this month. Great captures!

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    1. Thank you! I had a look at the weather in Shanghai – its pretty constantly hot this month and to get drenched like that takes some getting used to. I hope it gets better for you. I found myself sitting outside early morning and late at night. Bliss!


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