Happy New Year

At this time of year, plants and flowers are a bit thin on the ground. So, I have abandoned my trusty macro lens and have been experimenting with my zoom lens.

From the trees and hedgerows, I have notice little rustlings and tweets. As the trees are bare, some wildlife has been a lot easier to spot. Here are a few birds I have spied recently. I hope you enjoy them.

The ever faithful Robin.
A grey wagtail.
A Sparrowhawk
A curious blackbird.
A Mistle thrush


9 thoughts on “Happy New Year

    1. Sparrowhawks have piercing yellow eyes, a barred plumage (the males blue/grey back and orange breast) the tails are shorter and in flight the wings broader. They are quite secretive birds whereas Kessies will often sit out in the open or ‘hover’ in search of prey.


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