New Material

Now that lockdown has eased in the U.K, it is nice to get out with the camera and discover new things to photograph.

This tulip was called ‘Brown Sugar.’ I liked the tones of apricot, gold, cream and dark pink.
Sunlight streaming through a woodland glade filled with narcissus.
Need a rest? This bench has Siberian bugloss adorning it.
A solitary narcissus.
Red tulips about to open.
A tree in blossom.
Delicate pink and white blossom.
Amazingly bright yellow and orangey-red tulips.
An unusual little plant. Possibly Lathyrus – pink, purple, white and blue flowers.


Finally, some Pasque flowers.

5 thoughts on “New Material

    1. It’s just great to be able to go out of the house more than once a day again Peter. How long it will last, who knows? Rumblings of a third wave in the Autumn, I hope not, but it would be silly to be complacent. Things are certainly looking more encouraging with large scale vaccination.

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