Experimenting with photography

I have a new lens. It is a manual one but attaches to my normal, automated camera. I am still figuring it out… It does not record normal camera data, such as aperture etc, which feels strange, because unless you write it down, you will never know what combination of settings you used for a particular shot! However, you do have to set the ISO on the camera beforehand. I experimented with it yesterday in the countryside after a rain storm and also in a garden. I think it helps you to visualise using manual settings and what they can do, more so than just moving a small dial on the camera, it is more clunky and solid.

I have an old camera which uses film and I am hoping that it will improve my understanding of that. I must also remember to use my tripod with it for extra sharpness! How funny that photography is taking me in a backward direction with old technology.

In terms of post-processing, there was very little to do, other than perhaps resize images.

Cow parsley.
Pink campions in the evening sunlight.
A leaning tree with young leaves.
Pink geraniums
White lilac
Pale purple lilac


4 thoughts on “Experimenting with photography

    1. Thank you. It is strange at first, but you learn to adapt. I will probably get in a muddle switching back! But I think it is helping me to understand getting the right balance between ISO, aperture etc. Yes, no VR – will have to use the tripod.

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  1. You captured some astounding photos with your new manual lens. If one understands the power of manual settings one generally gets better results. Have fun with your new accessory!

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