Maldon, Essex

At last, we can escape the confines of our homes as we head down ‘the path out of lockdown’ (as Boris puts it). There is much making up to do for lost time, albeit still in a ‘socially distanced’ manner. I decided to photograph something different today, while out and about for a walk – although there is a starling to appease any wildlife followers among you, which I captured from afar perched on a boat.

Maldon is famous for salt, Viking invasions and being situated on the Blackwater estuary, it is also home to old Thames sailing barges.

Usually, this area of Maldon is teeming with visitors, many seeking sightseeing trips on these magnificent boats. The flat-bottomed barges suited the shallow waters of the Thames. Today, I took a series of pictures which focused on the detail of these vessels, as well as a nearby barge. I hope you enjoy them.