Autumn flowers & plants

Surprisingly, many plants and flowers were flourishing today in the warm, Autumn sun.



Alaskan lupine

Alaskan Lupines were spread around Iceland to help combat soil erosion, which has been a problem since early settlers cut down trees to build homes and use for fuel. They look pretty, clustered around the landscape in the Summer months, but they have now been classed as an invasive species and are harming Iceland’s existing plant species.


Queen Anne’s Lace Flower

This pretty little cluster of  white flowers rolls itself shut and goes to seed at the end of the season. It is frequently found in hedgerows, fields, meadows etc. It belongs to the carrot family and has feathery leaves like a carrot and the root smells like a carrot.

When it is open it has a single, purple flower in the middle. Its name comes from the legend that Queen Anne of England, pricked her finger and a drop of blood landed on the lace she was sewing.

However, it must NOT be confused with other similar looking plants which are poisonous.