Geranium macro

Macro requires a few different factors to get the perfect shot. Light and no wind are two of the main requirements. You look at the shot on the back of your camera and think you’ve got a winner. Then you look at it on a larger screen, and there it is, one tiny flaw (but…


Hydrangeas represent ‘gratitude,’ but also ‘heartlessness..’ So they are a plant with mixed messages. According to folklore, they can break the curse of a witch. 

Vintage bluebell

Once again, the bluebell season is almost at an end. I thought about whether to vintage-ify my latest picture. Does the trend to add filters to ‘age’ a photo, detract or enhance it?

The wonderful world of Macro photography

Macro presents a journey into a world we cannot see with the human eye. It opens up exciting new perspectives and provides the opportunity to produce abstract images. This is a small cross-section of an Anemone blue flower. It has been further magnified to see the structure of the stamens, with the pollen covered anthers.

Apple Blossom

A close-up of this pretty little flower. The whole tree was humming with the sound of bumblebees.


“Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made and forgot to put a soul into.”    –  Henry Ward Beecher, Life Thoughts  

Tulips in the sunlight

These tulips and daffodils growing in a meadow, looked lovely with the sunlight streaming through them.

Alaskan lupine

Alaskan Lupines were spread around Iceland to help combat soil erosion, which has been a problem since early settlers cut down trees to build homes and use for fuel. They look pretty, clustered around the landscape in the Summer months, but they have now been classed as an invasive species and are harming Iceland’s existing…