Goslings are introduced to open water within 24 hours of being born. They are raised by both parents which ensures they have a high life expectancy. They migrate with their parents and eventually return to their birthplace.

Geese are loyal to each other and stay together for life.

Egyptian geese

Egyptian geese were introduced to the UK in the late 17th Century as an ornamental bird to adorn the lakes of country estates. They originate from sub-tropical Africa and the Ancient Egyptians considered them sacred. However, in their native homeland, they are regarded as a nuisance because they eat crops.

Until recently in the UK, these birds were quite rare and were mainly confined to a small area of Norfolk. The birds tend to breed in January, traditionally too cold for chicks to survive, but as temperatures have increased over the last 20 years, so too has the population of these birds and they are now found in different parts of the UK.